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Drive-in Racking System


Drive-in Racking System

E Storage Drive In Racking System is the most preferred solution for long term storage of same size and same type (homogeneous) of goods. It is a high dense storage which utilizes all the available space, as each bay is dedicated to a single type of article. To do the maths, this results in more pallets stored per cubic meters than any other racking system out there. This particular racking system operated in a LIFO basis, and is ideal for customers that wish to gain tax advantages for their goods or products sold.


Drive-in storage racking offers a wide range of benefits including:

  • Can double the amount of storage space available, with more density than any other storage system
  • Ideal for bulk storage of a single product, but multiple SKUs allow for as many types of products as there are lanes in the system
  • Each pallet is supported individually and so less prone to damage
  • Forklifts access goods through storage channels, eliminating the need for operating aisles
  • Drive-in systems are generally very robust and low maintenance

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