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Double Deep Pallet Racking


Double Deep Pallet Racking

A derivative to the Selective pallet racking, the Double Deep Pallet Racking requires the use of a specialist reach truck or an attachment fitted to reach truck for its daily operation. Whilst achieving increases in capacity up to 30% above the former with a lower cost, only 50% of the pallets are immediately accessible.

This system provides an excellent solution of increasing warehouse capacity when alternative systems such as the Drive-in which require high numbers of homogenous pallet types are not possible. It is also suitable for customers which want to reduce aisles space and maximizing every inch of cubic space in their warehouse.


Double deep racking systems offer several benefits including:

  • Up to 50% more storage space vs. a regular adjustable pallet racking system
  • Adjustable beam positions to suit all kinds of stock and pallet size
  • Reduces the number of aisles to maximise the cube

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