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boltless shelving system

Selective Racking System

E Storage Selective Racking System is one of the most popular storage systems from E-Storage. It provides 100-percent accessibility and ensures smooth, practically obstacles-free and faultless stock rotation. In addition to that, it comes with great flexibility being fully adjustable and easily installed. Equipment and capital investment for this select

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Boltless Racking System

E Storage Boltless Racking System is revolutionary design that is customized to shorten the setup time and yet offers a vast selection from Heavy Duty to Light Duty Racking System requirements. It is very convenient with simple installation and dismantle procedures, which can save up a lot of time and hassles. E-Storage Boltless Rack System can also be

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Cantilever Racking System

Not all goods come in the same size and length. E Storage Cantilever Racking System is the optimal solution for storing long sized goods or other non-standard sized items as well. Examples of products that are compatible with this racking system range from piping, plastic tubing, steel pipes, profiles, timber products and etc.

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Carton Live Storage System

E-Storage Carton Live Storage System is a 2-in-1 unique storage and picking system, designed to increase order-picking efficiency whilst saving floor space and to ease the operation process. E-Storage Carton Live Storage System uses gravity to maximize its efficiency of full and split-carton order picking operations.

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Double Deep Pallet Racking

A derivative to the Selective pallet racking, the Double Deep Pallet Racking requires the use of a specialist reach truck or an attachment fitted to reach truck for its daily operation. Whilst achieving increases in capacity up to 30% above the former with a lower cost, only 50% of the pallets are immediately accessible.

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Gondola Shelving Racking System

E-Storage Gondola Shelving System is a light duty freestanding display rack that suitable for FMCG and hypermarket industries to market their merchandise.

It made with durable metal shelf and could be setup from combination of different components such as basket, hanger offers a wide range of possibility and flexibi

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Longspan Racking System

E-Storage Longspan Racking System is designed for fast accessibility and utilizing storage capacity, which suits major types of businesses. This racking system is made to store from small-sized to large loads and items, with a loading capacity ranging from 300kg to 1,000kg.

E-Storage Longspan Racking System also off

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Metal Shelving System

E-Storage Metal Shelving System is a new requirement that emerges to provide optimal solutions for cost effective storage system from light to medium duty. It is ideal for storing of small and light to medium weighted parts. This system can be used for multi-tier shelving system with steel mesh grating or timber as floor decking.

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Pallet Flow Racking System

E Storage Pallet Flow Racking System provides excellent volume utilization based on First-In First-Out (FIFO) principle, where the pallets travelled under gravity on inclined roller tracks from one aisle end to another. It is perhaps the most popular and economical form of pallet racking because it provides 100% selective and quick turnover.

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