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Multi-tier Racking System


Multi-tier Racking System

E Storage Multi-tier Storage Racking System comes with various types of floor decking to meet wider range of needs such as wire mesh, plywood, steel and etc. Each level is a mirror image of the ground floor layout, where the walkways are only fitted between the racks using the racking posts to provide the sturdiness and rigidity of the installation. These designs are not only cost effective, but user friendly as well.

Normally its structure comes in 2 tiers or 3 tiers, and it is mainly used for small cargo. Suitable for various kinds of cargo, while the cargo is load/unload by manpower, but not restricted to loading through reach truck/forklift.


Multi tier racking systems offer several benefits including:

  • Maximises floor space with the use of height
  • Allows for high speed efficient picking of stock
  • Provides multiple floors for effective storage
  • Can be bespoke designed to suit your needs
  • Removes the need for mezzanine flooring and can be more economical
  • Can easily incorporate fire sprinklers and lighting
  • Can incorporate pallet gates

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