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Warehouse racking

Multi-tier Racking System

E Storage Multi-tier Storage Racking System comes with various types of floor decking to meet wider range of needs such as wire mesh, plywood, steel and etc. Each level is a mirror image of the ground floor layout, where the walkways are only fitted between the racks using the racking posts to provide the sturdiness and rigidity of the installation.

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Vertical Carousel Storage System

E Storage Vertical Carousels Storage System is based on the way which a paternoster works; it is an automated vertical carousel that provides quick and precise access to store goods.

It is designed to offer maximum storage space on a minimal footprint.

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Vertical Lift Storage System

E Storage Vertical Life Storage System involves an extractor tray moving vertically between two static bays of shelving, and bringing the selected tray to a central access point for the user to retrieve the item requested.

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Radio Shuttle Racking System

This is a LIFO of FIFO accumulation system operated by radio shuttles. This type of storage provides storage for twice as many pallets as a classic rack. Twice as many pallets can be moved per forklift operator compared to a classic accumulation drive in system.

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