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Longspan Racking System


Longspan Racking System

E-Storage Longspan Racking System is designed for fast accessibility and utilizing storage capacity, which suits major types of businesses. This racking system is made to store from small-sized to large loads and items, with a loading capacity ranging from 300kg to 1,000kg.

E-Storage Longspan Racking System also offers customization built based on customer requirement with options for an endless list of storage needs. This storage system can extend to multi-tiers which increase the storage capacity for light item storage by increasing the floor levels.


Longspan shelving systems offer a number of benefits including:

  • Robust and durable design
  • Maximises space
  • Shelf levels include deck support to match beam capacities
  • Adjustable and versatile
  • Suitable for storage of long, bulky items
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Improved product visibility
  • Extra wide bay racks available
  • Steel and chipboard decking available
  • Suitable for garment hanging racks
  • Suitable for automotive storage

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